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(Updated 1st January 2019)


All prices quoted in this list are after discount, GST exclusive.

No exchange, return or refund for all sale items.

On sale from 1 January 2019, while stock lasts. Please call or email to check stock availability.



Full size & Bed-Caps      All sizes $80.00 each


bed spreadbed spread

                                VIBE Toffee                                                                        Lexington


bed capbed cap

                                MADISON Bronze                                                      MADISON Olive


bed spreadbed cap

                                 CHELSEA                                                                     VIBE Chocolate


bed spread

                              BS190 Tropical Crimson                                         BS190 Tropicial Teal




Captop & Bed Caps styles     Single size only   $40.00 each


latte  250 bl

                                 BS250 Latte                                                                         BS250 Blue

250 gr

                                 BS250 Green                                                                      BS250 Coco

150 180 bg

                                 BS150                                                                               BS180 Burgendy

180 gr 180 bl

                                 BS180 Green                                                                      BS180 Blue



Bed Runners & Cushion Covers     30 - 50% off original prices

                                BROOKLYN Black                                                     BROOKLYN Gold

                                BROOKLYN Red                                                           ELEMENTS Fire

                                 ELEMENTS Earth                                                     GEORGIA Moonlight

Killara Royal Blue

                                HASTINGS Black                                                          KILLARA Royal Blue

madison bronzemadison oliver

                                MADISON Bronze                                                       MADISON Olive

Morocco Blue

                                MOROCCO Blue                                                         MOROCCO Sand


                                REGAL Burnt Red                                                             VIBE Gold

                               BROOKLYN Gold                                                          ELEMENTS Fire

                              GEROGIA Dawn                                                          HASTINGS Green

                                KILLARA Mocha                                                          KILLARA Royal Blue

                                MOROCCO Sand                                                            VIBE Aqua

                                VIBE Chocolate                                                                VIBE Navy


                                VIBE Toffee                                                                   MADISON Charcoal


Bed Runners                                Cushion Covers

60x150cm Single/King Single  $17.50                            30x55cm Breakfast Cushion $3.95

60x220cm Double/Queen        $23.80                            45x45cm   Scatter Cushion   $3.95

60x255cm King                    $27,30                             65x65cm European Cushion   $6.95

                                                                               40x90cm Manhattan Cushion  $8,45




Curtains Pre-made Blockout Curtains 2200w x 2120h $100.00 per pair

curtainGrayice coffeeSilver Birch

                                                                                                 VIBE Grey              VIBE Ice Coffee         VIBE Silver Birch




Deluxe Bed Toppers Micro Denier Fibre 50% off original prices


100% cotton Japara cover

Down-like micro denier polyester fibre fill, super loft @1200gsm

5cm gusseted walls creating 3D effect

Fully elasticised fabric walls plus corner straps


Single              $29.50

Long Single      $32.00

King Single      $34.50




Quilt Covers Printed & Jacquard 30% off original prices


madison bronzemadiosn oliver

                                MADISON Bronze                                                       MADISON Olive

                               BS190 Tropical Crimson                                              BS190 Tropical Teal

                                          BS170                                                                               BS150


                                     Navy                                                                               Chocolate



Printed                                           Jacquard


Single        $16.00                                        $23.80

Double       $20.00                                        $29.40

Queen        $23.00                                        $34.30

King           $27.00                                        $37.80

Pillowcase   $ 1.00



Blankets Nylon Velour 50% off original prices


Single/King Single   $29.50

Double/Queen         $34.50

King                       $39.50









Bathrobes 50% off original prices





                                       Waffle Weave   $17.50










                   Velour/Terry  $29.50






Bathroom Towelling 30% off    Blue   Elderberry   Peach                              



Bath Towel   $6.65

Bath Mat     $4.35

Hand Towel   $2.75

Face Washer  $0.95

Pillowcase   $2.90




Sheets & Pillowcases 30% off      Blue   Frost

Single     $13.00

Double     $16.00

Queen      $17.40

King       $18.80

Pillowcase $ 2.90




Table Cloth

Polyester Damask, in Green, Red, Peach Colours, 50% off original prices


Table Clothtable cloth





       Laundry Bags    $4.95                           Golf Towels  $1.00


bag Golf Towel



Terms and Conditions

The prices quoted above are GST exclusive, applicable to listed items only. Freight applies.The items are discontinued lines, some size(s) in particular design/colour may not be available. Please refer to our catalogue or website for designs, colours and specifications. Effective from 1st. January 2010, while stock lasts.